Learn about Traffic Violations

Violation Type Fine
Abetment of Over Speeding300
Allowing unauthorized person to drive1000
Blowing of Pressure Horn100
Carrying Goods on Passengers Vehicle100
Carrying Passengers on Goods Vehicles100
Conductor without Badge100
Conductor without Uniform100
Defective Number Plate100
Driver without Uniform100
Driving by Minors500
Driving Dangerously/Rash Driving1000
Driving in wrong direction1000
Driving Left Hand Drive without Indicator100
Driving with a Defective Number Plate100
Driving without Helmet100
Driving without Horn100
Driving without License500
Driving without Light (After Sunset)100
Driving without Silencer100
Excess Smoke100
Improper/Footpath Parking100
Misbehavior by TSR/Taxi Driver100
Odd Even Rule Violation5000
Over Charging by TSR/Taxi100
Over Speeding400
Over Speeding (Subsequent Offence)300
Pillion riding without helmet100
Red Light Jumping100
Red Light Jumping 2nd offence200
Smoking in the Vehicles100
Stop Line/Yellow Line Violation100
Travelling on Running Board (Driver)100
Travelling on Running Board (Passenger)100
Triple Riding100
Use of Coloured Light on Motor Vehicle100
Using Mobile while driving1000
Using `Unregistered Vehicles' or Displaying "Applied for"2000
Violation of mandatory signs (One Way No Right Turn, No Left Turn, No Horn)100
Violation of Restriction of Time on HTV's/Care on Various Roads2000
Without seat belt100
Wrong Overtaking100